What We Do

Think Dutchess Alliance for Business is the premier one-stop-shop for business development needs and activities in New York’s Dutchess County. We work with business, government and community partners to position Dutchess County as the location of choice for business investment. We work to foster innovation, build communities and grow our workforce to make Dutchess County a great place to live, work and enjoy!

We are a small nonprofit agency with big goals. We wear many hats and can assist businesses in many different ways. For that reason, we are often asked, “What exactly do you do?”

What Do We Do?

Our mission

The mission of Think Dutchess is to reduce underemployment and increase employment; provide assistance and financial incentives for the formation, retention, expansion, and attraction of not-for-profit and for-profit businesses to improve the economic vitality of the County.

We do this using a variety of economic development strategies that support and attract businesses that invest in the county and ultimately support infrastructure, community development and the overall economic well-being of the county.

Our efforts strengthen our economy by attracting new business and growing existing companies. They encourage innovation and entrepreneurship, diversifying the economy to keep us resilient. In accomplishing these tasks, we increase our workforce and tax base and strengthen our workforce’s skillset to continue attracting new business. Finally, our efforts improve the overall quality of life in the community. More jobs, more choices, more opportunities means a better Dutchess County.

How We Do It?

  • Business Attraction-

Whether you’re a creative, entrepreneur, senior executive, or inventor, Dutchess County allows businesses to create, innovate and prosper in today’s global economy. Learn more about starting a business in Dutchess County, NY.

Additionally, companies looking to relocate can benefit from Dutchess County’s proximity and access to major metropolitan areas. For information regarding locating in Dutchess County, contact Director of Business Attraction, Sarah Lee.

  • Business Retention and Expansion-

Thanks to a talented workforce and accessible infrastructure, Dutchess County has a winning combination for business. To be sure we support our existing businesses and take them to the next level, our team can connect you to workforce and financing options that make growing easy. Need more information on expanding in Dutchess County? Contact Director of Business Retention and Expansion, Renee Richard.

  • Business Creation-

Excellent infrastructure and resources, accessible transportation, an affordable, business-friendly climate, and a top-notch workforce make Dutchess County ideal for starting a business.

Whether you’re the owner of a family business or a start-up company with an exciting innovation, the Think Dutchess team provides business counseling, networking, incentives, site selection and expedited permitting so that you can focus on doing what you do best. Additionally, we connect you with the resources you need to make the expansion or relocation process a breeze. Seeking success for your small business? #ThinkDutchess

  • Place Marketing-

Part of what makes doing business here so easy is the people and lifestyle “Distinctly Dutchess.” From its accessibility and charm, its long history of innovation, agriculture, arts and culture, and dedication to recreation and quality of life, it’s no wonder why so many people stay and relocate here. Our team makes sure that our business and the reasons they choose are shared with current and future residents. We not only share the experience of living in Dutchess County— but we also help create them with the people and businesses located here. To learn more, follow Think Dutchess on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube.

Our Partners

At Think Dutchess, our team helps connect you to the resources and contacts your business needs to succeed. With support from Empire State Development and our partners, we provide the vehicle for you to reach your goals faster and easier. We help provide easy access to partners in government, education, workforce, business development and finance that help ease the burdens of starting, expanding, or moving your business.

Our Work

What do Brooklyn creative firms, family-owned companies, agricultural entrepreneurs and manufacturing industry disruptors have in common? They’ve all chosen to locate in Dutchess County. Read about some of the companies that have found success right here in Dutchess County!

Dutchess County Business Success Stories

Ready to take an in-depth look at our total impact? Learn some of the reasons economic development is important to our community and download a copy of our 2020 Annual Impact Report below.

Download the Think Dutchess 2020 Impact Report


A premier business-led organization, Think Dutchess Alliance for Business brings together 10 agency partners creating a one-stop shop for your site selection, financing, incentives, permitting and advocacy, strategic planning and counseling, marketing and networking needs.