Art Activation Industry Old Town

Photo: Beacon, NY- A once well-developed manufacturing city that was in decline due to industrial changes for decades is now reborn

Translated from the original: Ta Kung Pao, reporter Huang Xiaomin

Today Dutchess County’s economy is dominated by agriculture. In the Nineteenth Century, Beacon was once an industrial city, that manufactured and developed, the first US lawn mower. art-activation-takungpao-article-translated-beacon-photoIn the 1970s, with the decline of manufacturing, the number of residents gradually decreased, the city gradually fell into decline. Today, when we wander in the center of Beacon, you can still see the imprint of the past. The resident population is only 14,375  in the small city, but now filled with art according to Beacon  government officials Anthony Ruggiero. In recent years, as the cost of living in New York City continuously increases. As a result, some artists have moved to Beacon, bringing vitality and life back to the to the town. Reporters stayed in the Roundhouse hotel, home of many businesses over the last 200 years, falling idle in the late 70’s. In 2010, the factory was bought by a local family. Though reconstruction and design, the old plant was given new life.  Now the Roundhouse has become a well-known local wedding reception facility.

Remnants of historical industry can be seen everywhere in the city of Beacon.  The Roundhouse designer did not change the layout of the plant, but made full use of all the old materials that could be used in the factory. The original factory left in the machinery or spare parts, an repurposed them into the hotel’s decorations. The hotel also introduced the famous French chef, Terence Brennan, who creates a pure French feast every day using the freshest, locally sourced ingredients.

The catalyst for Beacon’s revitalization was supported by the establishment of a nonprofit organization “Beacon Art Association” in 2002. The organization goal is to organize, promote and nurture the city’s multi-field art development mission. After more than ten years of development, Beacon now has 150 artists and 80 business members. The participation of the artist has given new life of this industrial old town. Every weekend, the area attracts visitors near and far in the area of leisure, entertainment and recreation.



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