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for-chinese-investment-think-dutchess-article-translatedFigure: old factory is being transformed into a new shared office building / Ta Kung Pao reporter Huang Xiaomin photo

Translated from the original by Huang Xiaomin via Ta Kung Pao


Think Dutchess Alliance for Business CEO,  Sarah Lee told reporters that Dutchess County is a good place to work, study  entertain and invest. In addition to the location close to New York, there are beautiful riverside, majestic farm, and rich agricultural markets, as well as desirable culture and food. In addition, the rich educational resources here also attracted a group of Chinese students. Every year around the Dragon Boat Festival in June, Dachis County will be held in the Hudson River Dragon Boat Race. “To consider Duchess” collection of ten departments of the advantages of the procedures, staff training, marketing and other aspects of investors to provide one-stop convenience services to help new investors and local business business docking, and For investors to apply for New York state sales tax, mortgage, real estate and other aspects of tax relief.

Dutchess County Tourism bureau president and chief executive officer Mary Kay Vrba said that Dutchess has a wealth of tourism resources. By 2015 the “National Tourism Association” ranked Dutchess as “2015 the most popular food destination” and the “National Geographic Traveler” ranked the county as “2013 the world’s top 20 tourist destination”. According to statistics, in 2015 the county tourists amounted to 400 million people, spending a total of 518 million US dollars (about 40 billion Hong Kong dollars). As Dutchess County is dominated by agriculture, the MGTO has also launched a local tourism project for local farms and farmers to help local products to the local market and New York City.

Assistant County Executive Hicks stressed that Dutchess is trying to make itself a first choice for global companies to seek development outside New York City. He believes that the history, location and educational resources here are enough to attract the favor of investors and tourists. He said that Dutchess County has nearly 300,000 people, the average age of 40 years, the median housing price of $ 225,000, the average annual income of $ 90,000. The unemployment rate is only 4%, lower than the US standard. As the northern suburb of New York City, it is both livable and suitable for work and play. At present, the county has construction projects amounted to billions of dollars, and is planning the projects for more than 2 billion US dollars, including an area of ​​33 acres for the nation’s largest indoor sports field. There are unlimited business opportunities.


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