Four Ways Re-development Revitalizes Communities

What is redevelopment?

The American Planning Association defined redevelopment as “the development or improvement of an area that was developed in the past but presently suffers from real or perceived physical deficiencies such as blight or environmental contamination or is developed for uses that have become obsolete or inappropriate as a result of changing social or market conditions.” From Dia:Beacon and the Roundhouse to more recent projects like iPark 84, Dutchess County has a proven track record for redevelopment success.

Recently, CEO, Sarah Lee was asked to discuss redevelopment and its role in revitalizing communities in American City & County. In the article, Sarah details how redevelopment not only repurposes buildings and land —it  creates opportunities to attract key industries, target community needs and build a better, sustainable and supportive community for everyone.

Read “How redevelopment revitalizes a community” in American City & County here:

American City & County How redevelopment revitalizes community


Four Ways Redevelopment Revitalizes Communities


1) Redevelopment attracts target industries

Every community has a handful of target industries it wants to attract, and the vision of reuse projects can encourage a city to evaluate which types of businesses or industries it wants to recruit. Projects like Dia:Beacon and The Roundhouse helped create a successful craft manufacturing cluster including success stories like Niche Modern.  While iPark 84’s redevelopment of the long-vacant IBM facility attracted several companies in our food and beverage manufacturing, logistics and advanced manufacturing industry clusters. Having clusters of companies in the region also attracts like-minded businesses, helping to spark innovation and growing investment.

2) Redevelopment targets community needs

When successful projects like iPark build a buzz around industry, great things happen. Take Sloop Brewing Co. Since relocating to iPark 84 in 2018 they have increased production by more than 250 percent. This success, drew several others in the food and beverage industry to follow suit, relocate to larger spaces and expand their business offerings. This healthy balance of business communities helps to support a diverse population of visitors and residents.

3) Redevelopment builds diversity through business offerings

A holistic community provides something for everyone—from housing and apartment rentals to restaurant and retail accommodations, warehouse space, manufacturing facilities and more. Mixed-use redevelopment projects are an ideal way to cater to diverse populations. Poughkeepsie Underwear Factory is a successful example of a thriving community of small food and beverage businesses, private art studios, co-working spaces, apartments created in a factory built in 1874.

Hudson Heritage is a redevelopment project that is actively developing residential units, a hotel, medical facility, performing arts center, a retail shopping village and connections walking and biking trails, combining live, work and play elements all in one space.

4) Redevelopment instills meaning in community members

Many development approval processes take public opinion into consideration. In the approval process for the Youth Opportunity Union (YOU) project, we are seeking public input on the design of the building, which is set to begin construction in 2023. This call-to-action allows us to learn of considerations that should be included to better accommodate our community, such as accessibility elements for those with sensory, motor or learning deficiencies. We want to ensure this redevelopment project is properly equipped with all the necessary tools needed to educate and support Dutchess County’s youth population.

Successful Redevelopment Projects in Dutchess County, NY

These are just a few of the projects reshaping our communities and growing our economy.

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