IBM Shares How The IT Giant Wants To Grow Again

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Tim Shaefer-Boerse-IBM-Aktie_ Wie der IT-Gigant wieder wachsen will – 08.05 IBM Shares How Giant Wants Grow

And there will be more.

With the self-learning supercomputer Watson, IBM has secured a technological advance. Doctors use Watson in cancer therapy. Even major corporations are already putting it to use. Tax consultants H & R Block uses the mastermind in its 10,000 branches, where eleven million citizens settle their tax returns. Watson worked through 74,000 pages of tax laws and dealt with thousands of tax questions from customers from six decades. Control experts believe that the computer can help citizens earn higher reimbursements.

The direct insurer Geico, who belongs to Warren Buffett’s empire, uses Watson to deal with customer queries. The office supplies retailer’s  Staples and the Macy’s department store to optimize mobile apps. “Watson will be a really clever virtual assistant,” says IBM CEO David Kenny.

Artificial intelligence helps to optimize work processes. IDC’s market researchers predict that, from 2018, new business software will operate at 75 percent with artificial intelligence. IBM is a pioneer. Although Amazon, Microsoft, Apple and Co try to catch up. But financial director Schroeter has everything to keep [IBM in] the lead. They have increased research and development expenditures from $ 1.46 billion to $ 1.53 billion in the quarter.

At Marist College in Poughkeepsie, students are working in their own IBM data center on the ground floor. For over 30 years, the university has been cooperating with Big Blue. The job prospects for the graduates are splendid. $90,000 entry fee and a $20,000-dollar start-up bonus are commonplace, they say on the campus.

In the struggle for the best minds to secure the future growth, this is a good argument. Although the state of New York is far away from California, IBM CEO Virginia Rometty was there when President Donald Trump invited the leading Silicon Valley technology leaders. Rometty promised at the meeting that 25,000 Americans would be recruited in the next four years. This is only half the truth. In the less promising sectors, it also builds offices in order to reduce costs.


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