To ensure a timely review of applications, potential applicants are encouraged to meet with Dutchess County Industrial Development Agency (DCIDA) staff for preliminary assessment of eligibility.

DCIDA benefits are discretionary and are intended to assist projects that would be beneficial for Dutchess County.  To be considered for benefits, a company must demonstrate that without the incentives the project would not occur as proposed.  DCIDA also aims to maximize benefits to the County, while understanding private sector operating realities.

What is a PILOT Agreement?


A PILOT agreement is one of the incentives the DCIDA can offer to help a project materialize and bring community growth and progress. Under a PILOT, municipalities agree to grant developers exemptions from traditional property taxes for a set period of time to encourage them to make improvements to property and create new jobs. Instead of property taxes, developers make an annual PILOT payment to the municipality.

Companies seeking benefits from DCIDA must qualify for benefits under the applicable laws.

DCIDA Uniform Tax Exemption Policy

In addition to the meeting the Uniform Tax Exemption Policy projects will also be subject to the following selection requirements:

  • The need for benefits for the project to go forward as proposed
  • Substantial capital investment, together with retention and/or growth of employment as a result of the project
  • Substantial increase in tax revenues to the County or other public benefits as a result of the proposed project

Projects that entail construction costs over $10 million will be required to adhere to the Local Workforce Policy. DCIDA Local Workforce Utilization Policy

Once eligibility is determined, all the application materials are submitted and the application is considered complete, the DCIDA staff will confirm the scheduling and timing of the application.

DCIDA Board will review the project information prior to the Board meeting, then will discuss and vote on each project during the meeting.  Projects will be evaluated based on criteria and materials stated in the Agency’s standard application form.  A Project Evaluation Form will be used by the IDA as part of their review process.

The Board typically meets two times to review a project.  The first meeting is the preliminary resolution/inducement approval.  The preliminary resolution will authorize the scheduling of the Public Hearing.

The environmental determination through the State Environmental Quality Review Act is required before the Final Authorizing Resolution can be granted.

Once the public hearing is held and all other approvals are completed and submitted, the board will hold a meeting for the Final Authorizing Resolution.

If the Board approves and passes the Final Authorizing Resolution, the deal is finalized in a binding contract between the DCIDA and the recipient.  Contracts are drafted to ensure that recipients meet the agreed-upon conditions to maintain the benefits granted.


Please note the application cover letter which discusses applicable fees.

IDA Application for Financial Assistance

IDA Application Process Guidelines

Information Bulletin

Short Environmental Assessment Form

Fee Schedule

Please contact the IDA office for a Word version of this application.

Last Updated on Wednesday, May 11, 2022


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