Unparalleled Recreation & Leisure

Few dispute the quality of life in Dutchess County. When at home, residents relish the local beauty by hiking Mount Beacon, walking and biking trails (including a stretch of the Appalachian Trail,) racing dragon boats down the Hudson River and visiting more than 112,482 acres of farmland.

Prime recreational opportunities are abundant throughout Dutchess County’s vibrant urban centers and pristine countryside, and top real estate developers are taking notice. Hopewell Sports Dome Ventures and their A-list celebrity investors are pumping $25 million into the Kingdome, the largest inflatable sports dome in the United States at the size of three football fields.

During off hours, Dutchess County residents take to the great outdoors. With amenities reflecting the homegrown to the luxurious and ranging from the waterfront to the mountains, Dutchess County is the perfect location to balance a complete lifestyle¾less than an hour north of Manhattan.

“You have history buffs, you have hikers, bikers, and walkers, you have people who want to enjoy the scenic beauty, people who appreciate the environmental impact. People come from lots of different perspectives to the Walkway, and I think that tells you how the repurposing of old structures can pay dividends for the future.
-Elizabeth Waldstein-Hart, executive director of the Walkway Over the Hudson
“The proximity to Mount Beacon and the Hudson River is amazing. I enjoy my time in New York City, but when I cross the Newburgh-Beacon Bridge and see the river and the mountain, I am always happy to be coming home.”
-Jeremy Pyles, creative director at Niche Modern


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