Workforce & Education

A Winning Partnership

From driven executives and academia to creative entrepreneurs and innovators, Dutchess County has a vibrant workforce that is home to some of New York State’s hardest working talent. It’s the kind of community that has the grit to compete with multinational tech companies while also building successful small businesses that build on the region’s natural resources. Along with several top-ranking educational institutions and a dedication to skills training partnerships, Dutchess County’s workforce allows its employers to create, innovate and grow their bottom line in today’s global economy.

Dutchess County’s world-class colleges and universities, including Marist College, Vassar College, Bard College, and the Culinary Institute of America, draw talent from around the world. With cutting-edge innovation in cloud computing, health care, and agriculture, these schools are educating the next-generation workforce, providing the skills needed to thrive in the evolving 21st-century business landscape.

Here’s our bottom line: Home to a population of more than 200,000 residents aged 25 years and older, Dutchess County thrives because of the distinct people that choose to be educated here, do business here and call this historic region home.

  • Vassar College ranked in top 75 best colleges in America, via Wall Street Journal
  • Marist contributes an annual local economic impact of more than $500 million
  • Marist’s Cloud Computing and Analytics Center has partnered with IBM for 30 years
  • CIA: an innovator in 3D food printing
  • CIA alumni: Anthony Bourdain, Michael Symon, “Cake Boss” Duff Goldman, Cat Cora, John Besh and Roy Yamaguchi

“Being able to work collaboratively with some very smart, passionate people in public service, nonprofit leadership, and in our businesses is so impressive and satisfying. There’s a palpable desire to enhance the quality of life in Dutchess County, and people’s willingness to problem solve with each other is really telling.”
Pamela Edington
President, Dutchess Community College


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