Hudson Valley Food & Beverage Summit

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Join us, Tuesday, May 14th in the Marriott Pavilion at The Culinary Institute of America to learn what’s trending in the food and beverage industry.

This educational event features influential speakers, panel discussions, vendor booths, tasting and networking opportunities with top Dutchess County food and beverage producers.




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Please join us for our Hudson Valley Food & Beverage Innovation Summit at The Culinary Institute of America on Tuesday, May 14, 2019.



12:00 p.m. | Registration/Networking Lunch  | Marriott Pavilion Conference Center

1:00 p.m. | Welcome & Opening Remarks  | Ecolab Auditorium, Marriott Pavilion

Mary Kay Vrba, President & CEO, Dutchess Tourism, Inc.

Kevin King, Deputy Commissioner, NY State Agriculture & Markets

Marcus Molinaro, Dutchess County Executive

1:15 p.m. | Opening Speaker | Ecolab Auditorium

          Dr. Tim Ryan, President, The Culinary Institute of America

2:00 p.m. – 2:45 p.m.   

Track 1:  Kosher … Not Just for Jews Anymore | Admissions Ecolab Theatre

Organized by the Jewish Federation of Dutchess County 

Kosher isn’t just for Orthodox Jews.  Currently, more non-Jews than Jews buy kosher. Young kosher foodies and Muslims are helping drive this demand as well as consumer trends for allergen-free, healthy, organic products. Expand your perception of what is kosher, current trends, and the economic advantages of being kosher.

Increasing demand for kosher-certified products increases opportunity for all.  Producers the world-over are stepping up to meet this demand by adding kosher to their label. This track will introduce you to the new possibilities kosher offers.

Session Topics:

    • The Market for Kosher Food & Beverage Products – Industry trends and the business justification for certifying Kosher. (Menachem Lubinsky, Kosher Today)
    • The Law and the Process – an overview of the requirements/standards and how to go about obtaining a Kosher label. (Rabbi Moshe Elefant of the Orthodox Union (OU) – Rabbi/Certification Authority)
    • Community Stories – Hear about the experience of food businesses headquartered in Dutchess County. (EFCO)


Track 2: Plant-Powering Business: From “Fringe” to Future! | Marriott Pavilion Classrooms 1 & 2

With Brian Normoyle and Rebecca Moore of HUDSON VALLEY VEGFEST LLC. and Wendy Grossman, Wendy’s Nutty Cheese; Diane Reeder, Kingston Candy Bar, 2019 CIA Graduate; Emily Horta, EmyD’s, 2017 CIA Graduate; Christopher Depew, Woodstock Pizza Theater; Sara O’Leary, Plant Based Foods Association

In the U.S., vegan food sales in 2018 topped $3.3 billion; people identifying as vegan increased 600% in just 3 years. How can your business benefit from this exciting market? We’ll share some of the latest on incredible culinary innovations from the plant-based sector, hear from business owners who have added vegan options to their menus/product lines, demystify how you can access multiple demographics, and examine the dynamic market drivers that have propelled veganism into the mainstream.

Session Topics:

    • Understanding market drivers and demographics– Brief overview of the forces that have propelled plant-based innovations into the world’s spotlight.
    • Innovations– Featured Guest report on recent and new innovative food products and companies changing the foodscape – increasing accessibility, providing new opportunities.
    • Community Case Studies– Featured Guests who have grown – even saved! –  their businesses with vegan options.
    • Certification, support–  Information that will help you begin to access this market.

Track 3: Artisanal Landscapes- The Challenges and Rewards | Marriott Pavilion Classrooms 3&4

Participants: Jeff Haight, Hudson Valley Cold Pressed Oils; Carmen Ng, Ocka Treats; Cori Deans, Small Town Cultures

The Hudson Valley has always been famous for being a haven for artisans of all kinds, and the landscape has literally been bursting at the seams in recent years with small scale producers creating goods of the highest quality for adventurous and discerning palates. During this panel discussion learn about the adventures, challenges and rewards of bringing visions to market from some of the area’s most successful producers.

Session Topics:

    • Who is your crowd?–Understanding the artisanal market.
    • Innovations– Ingredients that are exotic – but local!
    • Community Case Studies–Featured Guests who are bringing their special treats to larger and larger audiences.
    • The challenges and rewards of doing it yourself!– Financial and small business area resources that offer support.

Track 4A: Sake- Beyond Sushi | Danny Kaye Theatre in the Conrad Hilton Library

With CIA Professor John Fischer and representatives from Asahi Shuzo: Kazuhiro Sakurai , President; Takaharu Kumagai , Director, International Strategy; Hiromi Suzuki Huiman, Interpreter; Mai Mizuno, Regional Assistant Manager

Do you know that sake is not rice wine? The Hudson Valley will soon be home to a major sake brewery, but most Americans don’t know a lot about this rice-based beverage. The flavor profile of sake lends itself to many types of cuisines far beyond just Japanese food and it is poised for tremendous growth on the American food and drink scene. Join CIA Professor John Fischer and a top executive from Asahi Shuzo—maker of super-premium Dassai sake—for this educational presentation about sake and its place in the future of American dining.

Session Topics:

    • Basics of sake production
    • Sake history
    • Different types of sake and what the names represent
    • Sake tastings to be provided

Track 4B : Craft Beer in the Hudson Valley | Post Road Brew House

With Hutch Kugeman, Alan Daniels, Adam Watson, and Gary Dyal

The brewing industry has a long history in the Hudson Valley and the last decade has seen massive growth in the number of local breweries, retailers and industry suppliers driven by high consumer demand for great tasting local beer.  Join CIA Head Brewer and NYS Brewers Association Board Member Hutch Kugeman; Alan Daniels, Owner of Half-Time Beverage; Adam Watson, Owner of Sloop Brewing, and Gary Dyal, Owner Cryo Pure Corp. to discuss craft beer in the Hudson Valley, how to use the brewer-retailer relationship to grow your sales, and building an affordable gas delivery system that allows your retail or production business to save money and plan for growth.

Session Topics:

    • New York breweries by the numbers
    • Current trends and challenges facing the industry
    • Maximizing the brewer-retailer relationship to the benefit of both
    • CO2 delivery systems- how to plan for growth in an affordable manner.                                       

2:45 – 3:00 p.m. | Break

3:00 p.m. – 3:45 p.m. | Breakout Sessions to repeat

4:00 p.m. | Wrap-Up Session – Ecolab Auditorium

Galit Peleg, Consul for Public Diplomacy, Consulate General of Israel

4:45 p.m. – 5:45 p.m. | Vendor booths, tasting, and networking in the Beverage Garden and Heinz Plaza


    1. Wendy’s Nutty Cheese – Vegan Cashew Cheese – Wendy Grossman
    2. Parlor City Vegan – Vegan Cheese – Sara Liu
    3. Treasury Cider/Fishkill Farms – Hard Cider – Stacy Dedring
    4. Hudson Valley Cold Pressed Oils – Allison Haight
    5. EmyD’s – Fudge Cups – Emily Horta
    6. Aha! American Healthy Appetite LLC. – Screamin Onionz – Richard Romano
    7. Ocka Treats – Bliss Bars and Cashew Cheesecake – Carmen Eng
    8. Hometown Foods, LLC – Blueberry Rhubarb Sauce (also have freezer meal kits, cereal etc. for display) – Anna Dawson
    9. Hudson Valley Fresh Dairy – Milk and Yogurt – Ron Stanton
    10. Asahi Shuzo Sake
    11. CIA Brewery
    12. The Tavern at The American Bounty Restaurant, CIA
    13. Laughing Gut – 4 flavors of Kombucha – Nancy Benziger
    14. Atina Foods – Herbal Jams and Salt Pickles – Carrie Dashow
    15. Small Town Cultures – Fermented Fruit and Veggies – Cori Deans
    16. Drink More Good – Organic Syrups & Mixers – Sam Austin
    17. Taconic Distillery – Gin etc. – Paul Coughlin
    18. Horseshoe Brand, Inc. – Kiwi Jalapeno Guacamole – Ryan Fleischauer
    19. Sloop Brewing
    20. Kingston Candy Bar – Vegan Donuts – Diane Reeder
    21. Pepsi Cola of the Hudson Valley
    22. Organic Nectars – Chocolate Gelato – Lisa Protter
    23. Seasoned Delicious – Hot sauce, preserves, and mustard – Tamika Dunkley
    24. Soukup Farms – Maple syrup – Jennifer Soukup
    25. Bryt Life Foods – Bleu and Tofeta cheese, coconut milk based yogurt – Lita Dwight
    26. Woodstock Pizza Theater – Vegan Pepperoni – Chef Christopher Depew

For Additional Information please visit: $25.00 per ticket in advance, $40 per ticket at the door.



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