Self-Employment Can Become A Dream

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New York, May 2, 2017

Braumeister Jamie Bishop (right) in his new restaurant called “Mill House Brewing Company”, which I recently visited. Bishop beamed with enthusiasm.

I was recently in Dutchess County. It is an 80 minute drive north of New York. I met numerous businessmen who have small businesses. I was surprised by the motivation that struck their business ideas.

I was most impressed by Jamie Bishop. He worked for 15 years as a care provider for seniors. He was engaged in the job. But he never felt a fire and a flame for his job. Today he does. He has founded a brewery. Everything started with a small brewery in his home. He gradually built it out with friends.

Today he runs a commercial brewery. The Braumeister has taken over and renovated a former Chinese restaurant in Poughkeepsie with friends. He sells his beer not only to guests, but worldwide. He lives a dream. He earns massive money. He loves brewing. He is truly satisfied with his life:

In the neighboring town of Beacon, a few young people gathered to prepare fresh ingredients for cocktails. They called their startup “More Good“. Using no artificial ingredients- fresh herbs are crushed by hand to create organic, hand-crafted concentrates. Business is booming. The supermarket chain Whole Foods sells the bottles. That’s hardly all. Now they mix their own coke. Less sugar is in it compared to the original. No artificial ingredients. No preservatives. Health conscious consumers are enthusiastic. Bars and restaurants are of interest.

I also spoke with the founders of the glass blowing factory “Ten Willow Studio“. They sell their goods to Australia, Brazil South Korea, Canada and Germany. They have all hands full. They are thrilled!

The business people of “Niche Modern ” also work with glass, only they do not make drinking glasses from it, but cultic lamps. They sell them to Singapore, Dubai and elsewhere:

Jessica Wickham was an investment banker in Asia. Today she builds furniture made of wood. The list of clients includes several universities.

New Wong went to New York with his mother and father. His parents come from the slums in China. He learned programming on his own (similar to Mark Zuckerberg). Wong began to write applications for the iPhone. His app “5-0 Radio Police Scanner” became a hit . The more than 20 million downloads made him rich. He has accumulated ten million dollars of private wealth. His hobby became a gold mine. What was traumatic for him, however, was the death of his father.

Wong loves fast cars. Nevertheless, he enjoys a more down-to-earth life. The pizza tastes better than a meal in the noble restaurant. He flies cheaply. He enjoys sleeping long – without a ringer throwing him out of bed. The freedom to do what he likes is wealth, he says.

These businessmen all impart these lessons: Be optimistic. Everyone has a talent. Use it. Set your goals. If you do not trust yourself to be self-employed, keep your job – it may be a small project. Have courage.

It is recommended to work on the following six points:  1. Personal progress (learning, sports, healthy eating)  2. Creativity  3. Social contacts  4. Inner peace (adequate sleep, meditation, reading, long walk, stretching in the morning)  5. Profession / Continuing education / career … or  formation 6. Financial stability (no debt, stock exchange, ETFs, paid-off property, nest egg …)


Of course, self-employment or the small business is not always easy. Nothing is ever handed to you. It can be a tough fight. But there are some trends that speak for self-employment:

Consumers are skeptical about big brands .

A startup can reach end customers more easily than ever before thanks to the Internet (Facebook, Twitter, Snap, Google, Instagram, YouTube …).

Local and regional enterprises are attracting more and more consumers.

Natural, authentic, fresh produce or handwork is a trend.

Unethical corporations are losing as many customers as never before . Trust is what counts today.

Bioware goes before chemical club.

With the help of blogs, apps and online shops can be created. Software can make the work easier.

Consumers are willing to pay a few euros more when they are ethically sound products of their trust. The price does not play an exclusive role in the purchasing decision, especially for younger people. Study (PDF ).

The success of Braumeister Jamie Bishop has a reason. The average citizen wants to give them a chance. Large brands like Becks or Corona leave the Amis are competing with/ incorporated? rather in favor of the micro-breweries. In the USA, small breweries shot up like mushrooms. There are already 4,000, which are 200 percent more than a decade ago. Only in the year 1873 there were more micro-breweries.

For those that love their jobs, entrepreneurship may not be the answer. But for those who are looking for new avenues, it could be a consideration. Though I would not bet everything on it, starting small is a good place to start.

In conclusion, I have an impressive story for two brothers for my readers:

This is how they looked when they founded their company “Life is Good “:

Happy #SiblingsDay! No one knows you like they do, and know one knows how to get your goat like they do (that's love)….

Pubblicato da Life is Good su Lunedì 10 aprile 2017

They started a T-shirt shop on the streets of Boston out of an old car. They went to street festivals. It was a fight. They stood several times on the brink of ruin. They had no money. Their father was embittered. He became increasingly aggressive. He became an alcoholic after his arm had to be amputated. But their mother gave them courage. At a very young age, she taught them how important it is to be optimistic. She would sing with the children every night before bed and inquire every evening about the day’s most beautiful experience.

Thier sister was injured while skiing. She landed with paralysis in a wheelchair. For two years, she trained until she could walk again.

Today, the T-shirt company is worth $ 100 million. They have founded a foundation to help children with cancer. The message of their company is: Be optimistic. Create hope. This makes life more beautiful.

These two brothers teach others:

  1. Always keep humor  2. Stay simple  3. Be optimistic  4. Be creative …

Tim Schaefer (Author)



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