Think Dutchess Ambassador- Jeff Haight

Jeff Haight- Hudson Valley Cold Pressed Oils

Profession- Owner, Hudson Valley Cold Pressed Oils

What Attracted You to Dutchess? Why do you Think Dutchess for business and life?

I’m a lifelong resident and CIA graduate. From historic mansions and scenic views to the food offerings and strong community atmosphere, there is no other place quite like Dutchess County. Dutchess County has always been both an agricultural and tourist hub, we are thrilled to be able to fit into both categories.

Tell us about Hudson Valley Cold Pressed Oils. Why is it unique?

Hudson Valley Cold Pressed Oils is a family-owned and operated sunflower-based company in Pleasant Valley, NY. We produce products from the flowers we grow on our farm. The oil we produce is cold-pressed, which ensures the highest quality, best tasting, and healthiest oil possible. We also make a sunflower flour that is high in protein and gluten-free. This makes us a nearly zero waste facility. We are probably best known for our beautiful fields which we open to the public to enjoy when the flowers are in bloom.

What innovative methods and practices have you leveraged to grow and scale the business?

We have taken the highly nutritious solids that remain after our pressing process to create our flour and have since formulated gluten-free sunflower based baking mixes. We are one of the few companies in the US that produce Sunflower flour.

What are some of your favorite local businesses or organizations in Dutchess?

Some of our favorite local businesses include Locust Hill Market in Millbrook and Fishkill Farms. Our Sunflower oil has really taken off in the skincare world. Several local skin care companies use our oil in their products.  Hudson Valley Skin Care uses the oil in most of their lotions and creams. Hummingbird Ranch makes a Propolis Skin Cream with it. Smellz Good has our sunflower oil in their soaps, lip balms, bath balms and salves. Also, a new skincare company, Take Time Out for Beauty is using it in their skincare line.

How has the pandemic impacted your business? What shifts have you made to maintain success? 

As the pandemic hit, we lost almost all of our restaurant sales and we weren’t comfortable attending many of the farmer’s markets we had been attending. We then shifted to selling online and to our small local farm stands that saw tremendous growth.

What do you anticipate for 2021?

At this point, it is hard to say what will be coming in the new year, but we can only hope that we can return to life before covid in the new year.

Why are you excited to be an Ambassador?

We are excited to be an Ambassador by sharing our story and experiences with the local community as we all can help each other to push forward and strive for success.

Think Dutchess has checked in with our Ambassadors throughout the pandemic. As the county moves forward, learn how these leaders adapted to change, championed local business and remained a critical part of keeping our county businesses working, and our friends and neighbors positive about the effects and outcomes the pandemic created.


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