Think Dutchess Digital Ambassador – April VanTassell

April VanTassell – Infinite Marketing

April VanTassell AmbassadorWhat attracted you to Dutchess?

I have always lived in Dutchess County. So, when I was away in RI and living in other areas I compared all of those places to Dutchess. Don’t get me wrong, I did enjoy a lot those other areas had to offer and support their local businesses, however, nothing can beat the Hudson Valley, especially Dutchess County. It has always been home to us and it always will be.

How has Dutchess County influenced you and your professional role?

Dutchess County is so versatile and there are so many different types of businesses around. This has made me a better professional since I needed to brush up on the different industries around here rather than only know how to market for one type. There are also other great professional marketing companies in the area that provide great services to their clientele. This great competition helps us to keep fair prices and provide great value to our clients, just as I am sure it does to all of the other professionals. Plus, we have such amazing businesses here in the area and my goal is to ensure they all prosper by being found online and offline, getting leads in their doors, and helping them to grow.

Favorite Dutchess County past-time or activity?

I love taking my two kids to the local walkways and trails. They particularly love being on the Walkway over the Hudson and the Vanderbilt is always a favorite to explore the trails. I have two boys and as other boy moms know they have non-stop energy lol. So my favorite activity is to take them to the trails where they can burn out all of that energy.

When my husband and I do get a chance to get out kid-free we always love to visit different restaurants to sample their food. He is a chef instructor at the CIA (pastry side) so food is huge in our relationship. He loves donuts and we have visited a couple of donut spots here and cannot wait to see more gourmet donut shops pop up.

Favorite Dutchess County eatery?

This is so hard to choose because there are sooooo many amazing places here! But, I do have to say we have become huge fans of Heritage Food and Drink. The food is always high-quality and delicious. If anyone is ever in the mood for authentic Puerto Rican food from family recipes, definitely stop by Cafe con Leche in Wappingers. I attended an event at their restaurant and can say I will be frequenting there a lot!

I do have to admit I have a major sweet tooth so I frequent local bakeries a LOT. Some of my favorites would be Los Hornitos in Wappingers. Amazing Latin American food and cakes that are moist and delicious. Sweet Bakes Cafe now located in Eastdale Village is great as well. I have not had an opportunity to try their cakes or cupcakes, but the cheesecake cookie I tried was amazing. I will eventually be back to try their cakes and cupcakes!

What do you think would be a surprise to anyone visiting Dutchess for the first time?

I think they will be surprised by the diversity we have here. When many think of Dutchess they think of a small town-vibe area with maybe a couple of stores and some restaurants. But they would be surprised to see the range of businesses we have, the different cuisines we have to try out, and just how many businesses we have. Dutchess County continues to keep the small-town quaintness with big-city dining options and activities.


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