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Michelle Martinetti – River Valley Arts Center

Michelle Martinetti


Michelle Martinetti


Founder & CEO of River Valley Arts Center

What attracted you to Dutchess?  

I’ve been fortunate enough to have lived here most of my life. Born, raised, and even attended college at Marist. I moved away briefly and it was the obvious choice when we were searching for our forever home! We are so lucky to live in this diverse area  – its scenic parks, mountains, hiking trails, historic sights, river vistas; its villages with so many fantastic shops and eateries; an abundance of family and community-friendly activities – the list goes on and on!

How has Dutchess County influenced you and your professional role?

I created River Valley Arts Center with our local community in mind. Supporting unique experiences to bring the community together and to celebrate the creativity and the spirit of the Hudson Valley.

Favorite Dutchess County past-time or activity?

Festivals! Something I love about this area is the massive amount of festivals. A festival for everything. And outdoor concerts… and breweries… and wineries… park picnics… hiking.

Favorite Dutchess County eatery?

This is an impossible question. I have so many favorites: Dutchess Biercafe, Mill House, Zeus, Aroma, Cafe Con Leche, Casa Ortega, this list can go on and on as well!

What do you think would be a surprise to anyone visiting Dutchess for the first time?

How much there is to do here – there is absolutely an activity for every interest.

Advice to anyone visiting or looking to do business in Dutchess?

Explore, explore, explore. Visit as many places as possible. Support as many local businesses as possible. Try something new. Take a risk and know that the amazing local community will share your enthusiasm and have your back.


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