Think Dutchess for Agri-Business

Our Fastest Growing Industry



More than 1,700 businesses in the agricultural sector support

  • existing infrastructure
  • creating new outlets of labor
  • feed stores
  • restaurant
  • equipment sales
  • seed dealers
  • and many other support industries including production on Dutchess farms.


  • Approximately 2,200 full-time jobs on 678 farms in Dutchess County.∗
  • At least 4,400 in jobs relating to our agricultural infrastructures (not including grocery stores or food distribution chains).
    Source: Dutchess County Government

Economic impact:

  • Dutchess County is home to a $50 million agricultural sector of preserved farmlands and successful farm-based businesses.
  • Dutchess leads New York’s $3.5 billion dollar craft beverage industry

Harney and Son's Tea from Dutchess County, NY

Influenced by the proximity to the Culinary Institute of America, and strengthened by a vibrant tourism sector and supportive community, food and beverage start-ups, manufacturers and producers have developed a taste for Dutchess.  Take a look at these success stories from the past, present and future:

  • For over a century, EFCO has called Dutchess County home and supplies pastry fillings to global industrial food processors, chain restaurants.
  • On track to becoming the largest maple syrup manufacturer/distributor in North America, Dutchess based Crown Maple has recently expanded its production facility.
  • Agri-business here in Dutchess just keeps growing.  Soon, NY’s first sake brewery and tasting facility will open in Hyde Park, NY.


A premier business-led organization, Think Dutchess Alliance for Business brings together 10 agencies under one unified vision for one-stop shop site selection, financing, incentives, permitting and advocacy, strategic planning and counseling, marketing and networking.