Three Dutchess County Tech Companies Jump-starting The Start-Up Scene

Startups. They may start small but their impact is enormous!

Growing technology startups have the potential to alter a local economy’s landscape through innovation, job growth, and wealth & talent attraction. Dutchess County understands the importance of supporting its startups. Through programs that remove barriers, facilitate connections, and empower entrepreneurs to reach transformational status, Think Dutchess is proud to welcome three up-and-comers set to become transformational businesses.

A recent article in Digital Journal recently highlighted three of our young entrepreneurs.


2019 Innovation Challenge winners Easton LaCheappelle of Unlimited Tomorrow and Dutchess Community College graduates Dana Jones and Jacob Earnst of Accessadoor are utilizing programs promoting innovation to radically disrupt industries. Returning Poughkeepsie graduate Jessica O. Matthews of Uncharted Power is leveraging Dutchess County’s prime location and Poughkeepsie’s growing investment to further research and development. By leveraging these resources, these companies are making advancements in tech, advancing research and development, and forming significant commitments with the local economy that places Dutchess County, NY on the map for startups.

Learn more about these Dutchess County startups jumpstarting the tech scene in the complete Digital Journal article below:

Originally Published on Digital Journal, March 4, 2020 by Tim Sandle

How New York state is becoming the place for tech startups

New startups and an evolving technology-friendly culture are turning Dutchess County, New York into a tech hub. The proximity to New York City, affordability, and new growth creates the a [SIC] fertile space for startups. We looks [SIC] at three examples.
New York state, along the Hudson River, is buzzing with new technology companies, especially in the Duchess County region. As an example of some start-ups that are making a difference with cutting edge developments, Digital Journal has selected three of interest. These range from a company that is creating prosthetic limbs with a 3D printer to one that is seeking to revolutionize the power infrastructure.


Uncharted Power

With a focus on changing the energy infrastructure in a cost-effective way, this new startup has quickly gained momentum. as an example, Jessica O’ Matthews, CEO of this growing enterprise, has raised a $7 million Series A funding (according to Forbes). This is the largest ever raised by a black female founder in the U.S.

The company began with energy-storing soccer balls and it has since grown into a having a patented suite of technologies that can harness the power of kinetic energy by collecting, storing, transporting and transferring the energy into useable power. The aim is to revolutionize power infrastructure by integrating a platform void of power lines. This will provide communities around the world with clean, low-cost and reliable energy. At the end of 2019, Uncharted Power announced a six-figure investment into facilities in Poughkeepsie, New York which is set to open in early 2020.


Marist College student Dana Jones founded the company Accessadoor in order to make all doors accessible, including for people with disabilities. This is by linking the door’s handicap system to an app. Nurtured by Dutchess County’s growing innovation space, 150 doors around Dutchess County will be included in the beta testing and the final product will be brought to market in early 2020.

Unlimited Tomorrow

Easton LaChappelle has been devising a solution, as Industry Week reports, to create an artificial limb device that is up to 95 percent cheaper than typical prosthetics and allows wearers to have a sense of touch to what they are feeling. LaChappelle partnered with both Microsoft and NASA and his company has collectively risen over $1 million through equity crowdfunding.

LaChapelle headquartered his firm in Rhinebeck, New York so that he could tap into the area’s access to an educated workforce and business support programs.



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