Why Investment Continues to Grow in Dutchess County, NY

Located in the Hudson Valley, Dutchess County is quickly becoming one of the top business locations in New York. As the northernmost suburb of New York City, Dutchess County offers an affordable alternative to New York City living that is attracting the attention of young talent and businesses alike.

If you’re wondering what makes Dutchess a prime location for people and companies here are just a few benefits to living and working here:

The Perfect Location


Businesses and residents all agree that the quality of life in Dutchess is unsurpassed. Just 70 minutes to Beacon via MetroNorth Rail Road, and with easy access to major interstates, Dutchess is perfectly positioned to enjoy relief from lower metro area costs and congestion.  Additionally, rich in history and outdoor amenities, Dutchess provides an unsurpassed quality of life with access to myriads of recreational activities.

A Diverse Economy

Diverse Job Opportunities in Dutchess County

Our growing and healthy economy provides a wide range of jobs in many different industries from manufacturing and tech to agriculture and hospitality. Supported by a robust tourism sector, small businesses thrive in our revitalized cities and growing towns proving the strength of our entrepreneurial ecosystem. Local growth is equally important to outside investment in creating our vibrant communities.

A Strong Support Network

Build your Dutchess County Workforce

Think Dutchess’ unique ability to connect small and large businesses to the services and support they need, helps companies of all sizes to succeed. Our partners provide access and resources to the business development, workforce development, education opportunities and capital a business might need.

An Inclusive Culture

A number of young professional organizations and community development initiatives, like First Friday provide ways to become a part of the network and leverage business and personal capabilities for a greater good. Additionally, community organizations, government initiatives, and even entrepreneurs like Innovation Challenge Winners Unlimited Tomorrow and Accessadoor, are part of a growing network of leaders expanding opportunities throughout the region.

A Revitalization Mindset

New construction and projects working to repurpose existing commercial and industrial spaces for new tenants, especially in our urban cores like the City of Beacon and the City of Poughkeepsie, are on the rise. Meanwhile, properties like 40 Cannon, Eastdale Village, Queen City Lofts, and more throughout the county expand affordable living options and provide city-style amenities.

All of these factors not only make Dutchess an attractive place to do business, they are also drawing young talent who are embracing the economic advantages living outside of big cities. Over the last few years, Dutchess County has seen an influx of out of state and foreign direct investment including New York’s largest sake brewery, Asahi Shuzo, in Hyde Park, NY. Want to see more of the success? Take a look at a few other businesses that have found success by choosing to Think Dutchess.

If you’re looking to expand or locate your business in Dutchess County, or are want to learn more about Dutchess County, contact

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